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Selling Cognitive Dissonance-Why we are inconsistent.

cognitive dissonance 1. the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change. Today I wanted to talk about the concept of “cognitive dissonance” and the role it plays in our lives…and how the world can use it to sell us into things we might not otherwise […]

A SUV, a semi, and a truck hit a girl…

Hello everyone. Guess who waited two hours for this to upload to YouTube so I could download it to my computer so I could add my new intro and outro…and then the download wasn’t compatable with my editor…so….No new intro and outro today folks…just a traumatically funny update video. Have a good day! Instagram: […]

Day 1: Starting Over Again.

Hello! This is a blog about my health journey but I want the first thing you see to be about supporting our brothers and sisters of color. Please find time to research, donate, and contribute in anyway you can. My thoughts are with you and don’t want my personal dinky blog to take away from important current events. Thank you. โค