New Chapters



Starting a new chapter does not mean you have to start a new book. Although it is perfectly alright to start anew to the fullest extent…sometimes we forget that to make a change…we don’t have to throw away every aspect of the “old us”.

This year, a lot of you probably made some resolutions. Whether they are the same ones you made last year or are a whole new set of goals…it’s important to look back and keep in mind the parts of ourselves that we actually enjoyed and were beneficial. If we try to start a new life or a new you every time you decide to make a life change…the transition will most likely become temporary and less permanent than we would like.  Continuing to be YOURSELF while also making some adjustments that may improve your well being or life…is most important for both the short term and long term success.

My recommendation for this year is to make three lists: the things you want to change, the things you want to stay the same, and some of the things that you used to enjoy that you would like to re-implement into your lives. So, you have a guideline for starting your journey I will share my lists…however…this is your journey…so I encourage you to make changes to this process so that it fits you and your lifestyle…this is just what works for me. So, without further ado…here is my lists for 2018.

Things I Would Like to Change:

I would like to become more consistent on an exercise routine. I find that I am happier and feel more accomplished when I start the day with a routine that gets my body moving.

I would like to also get my gut and physical health more balanced so that I can participate in more activities and feel better in general.

I would like to get my sleep routine into a more consistent rhythm. I want to start my days earlier and feel happy and rested while doing so.


Things I Would Like to Stay the Same:

I want to continue being active in my friends lives. I love being a part of a family that I chose and want to continue seeing growth in my friendships.

I want to continue growing my relationships with my family members. They have helped me so much as a child and would like to continue them being a large role in my life as a young adult.

I want to continue in my journey to learn new things every day. Whether it be through school, life, of out of a book…Learning a thing or two a day seems to keep me moving forward in my growth.


Things That I Used to Enjoy Doing That I Would Like to Start Again:

Guitar. I used to practice 15 min a day and would love to re-implement that back into my life.

Play. I would like to set more time aside for playing. I feel that it is healthy to set aside time for smiling with out a purpose.

These are my personal lists for  2018 and I hope that they were beneficial in at least on way for all of you. As always…if you have suggestions for more topics that you would like to read about…leave me a comment and I will respond as quickly as I can. That’s all for this week…I hope you all have a wonderful and bright next seven days. Goodnight!


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