A Day of Meals


Oatmeal. One of the simplest breakfasts and has the least popularity. It’s one of my favorites because it’s really fast and simple but you can make each bowl a different creation. Don’t let the stereo-types steer you away from a good breakfast. My favorite variety of toppings include: blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, bananas, apples, nut and fruit mix, frozen fruit, agave, coconut sugar, flax milk, raisins, brown sugar, etc. Amy fresh fruit is yummy in oatmeal and it’s am easy transition into vegan breakfasts. It’s familiar and homey and I believe it’s one of my favorite picks for breakfast.



Sandwiches. A classic. I feel that in our busy lives we all need healthy option that are easy to take to-go and are also available in places that are out to eat. At home you can pack peanut butter and jelly, veggie subs, vegan “meat sandwiches, etc. But also, you can find healthy options for sandwiches at cafes or Jimmy Johns. Another simple but creative option that is an easy transition into veganism and health food.




Dinner is my favorite meal of the day. You tend to have more time, you can get more creative. My personal favorites are stir fry’s, pastas, burritos, etc. My favorite simple meal is a simple stir fry. Broccoli, cauliflower, olives, mushrooms, peppers, and fresh tomatoes. Topped with balsamic dressing. Yum yum. Just remember to keep it simple and to stay in your comfort zone and make little changes at a time…and sooner than you think you will naturally get into a rhythm that makes you feel comfortable.



That’s all for today. Hope you have a wonderful next seven days. Till next Saturday.


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