A Little Positive Thinking…

A lot of times, it’s easier to point out the problems or the inconveniences of our lives and forget the many things that make life worth living. Today is a short post due to me posting on Thursday…so I thought I would share a little positivity with a list of things I am grateful for. Leave a comment of what you are grateful for!


15 Things I am Grateful For

  1. Family.To have strong loving bonds with those I share blood.
  2. Friends. To have love and support even when I am being stupid.
  3. Animals. To have unconditional love every single day.
  4. Feelings. To be able to feel every emotion that fills my veins.
  5. Sun. To have a warmth fill my room every morning.
  6. Moon. To fill each night with a bit of magic.
  7. Food. To be able to fill my belly with nourishment every day.
  8. Smiles. To ease the pain of any wound.
  9. Laughter. To give my soul wings to fly.
  10. Coffee. To brush the tired from my eyes.
  11. Songs. To fill my lungs with hope with each note.
  12. Hugs. To have two arms hold me together when I feel like falling apart.
  13. Sand. It remembers where I stood while I walk away.
  14. Roads. They take me where I want to go.
  15. Ocean. A place that washes the worries away.

Taking the time to acknowledge what you are thankful for even for a few minutes brings you to the present and helps you be happy as you are and builds a better foundations for you who want to be. I hope everyone has a great evening!


Today’s features image is a doodle created by myself that reminds me of what’s important.

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