Changing Your Reaction to Frustration

I chose the picture of Buddha to represent the wisdom and patience that is often expressed through his teachings.

There are days that I find myself irritated and impatient even at the tiniest, little things. Where everything someone does strikes me as annoying or a task seems tedious and insignificant. On days that my outlook on my life is filled with aggravation and self-pity are dark and gloomy. There is no way to avoid all things that feed frustration in our lives…however we can make a difference in how we respond to them.

I have recently started a personal journey of trying to change my response to frustration, to stay more mindful and make my days more pleasant. So far, it has altered many parts of my life that I had no idea were connected to how I was interacting with my surroundings. The way that we react to the bad situations greatly affect our good situations…who knew?

I would like to share the steps that I have been taking to improve the way I react in hopes that you can benefit from my experience.

  1. Noticing Your Response. As I am sure you have heard before…before you can fix a problem…you have to admit it’s there. Same goes for changing your mindset. The first step is to acknowledge your situation. Notice your response and how it makes you feel. How does it affect the rest of your day? Does it solve anything? Does it benefit your situation in any way? Contemplate how your actions in response affect your ability to interact with the rest of your experiences of the day. If your response is making you more miserable, not benefiting you, or is just overall not solving the problem, then you might want to look into finding a different approach.
  2. Ask: Do I Want To Continue Down This Path? If you do, then you should have no problem. However, if you are reading this, you probably are looking to head in a new direction. Make a “Why” list and decide why you want to change your patterns. Give yourself motive and reasons to start a new habit.
  3. Create A New Response. Create a new response or a plan for future situations. Whether this be slight adjustments or an entirely different reaction.
  4. Start To Integrate Your New Pattern. Pay attention when you begin your old habits and try to be mindful of what you are doing. Even if you do not catch yourself immediately, that is okay. It is important that you still stop, evaluate, and move forward in a more productive and healthy way. That is how you make a change. It might be rough and imperfect…but little by little we can change our response to frustrating situations.
  5. Be Mindful. It is important to notice the changes you see in your response and how those changes are affecting your life. If there still needs to be adjustments, then repeat steps 1-4. However, if you feel that your new response is positively affecting your life, then it is still important to sit back and review your results. It is very beneficial to fully be aware of the improvements of a healthier way to view the world.

I hope that these steps can be beneficial to you and hopefully can make your world a little brighter. That is all for this week, I hope you all have a wonderful and mindful seven days.



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