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Welcome to my blog or welcome back if you’ve been here before. I am becoming a regular at a particular Starbucks quite by accident and I am debating on whether i should fight it or not. I am battling the internal battle of not wanting to be a basic white female but also trying to come to grips that I am in fact a basic white female…I’ll let you know when I decide which side I am on later.

This is basically a Day in the Life blog, but  I will break it into three parts so you can skip to what you are interested in if you would like. Section 1.) is going to be what my current “Education of the Day” adventure has taken me. Section 2.) is going to be about my current work out routine (Leg Day). Finally, section 3.) Is just what I am up to today. Without any further ado, let’s get on with it shall we?

1.) Education of the Day–Food Photography

So, today I decide I wanted to tune up on my food photography skills. I so tend to post a lot of food related posts on Instagram and was wanting to put more effort into creating quality content for both myself and followers. I will actually attach links at the end of this section so you can learn for yourself if you are interested. I picked two of my favorite video who actually coincidentally happen to be by the same person, Caitlyn Shoemaker. She is a vegan You Tuber I enjoy watching from time to time. I chose these videos due to them being simple and easy to apply immediately into your photos. I actually used multiple of these tips in my last Instagram post if you want to check it out!

If you are interested in this topic here are the two videos I enjoyed the most!

Critiquing My Old Photos (+Tips) &  Tips For Better Food Photos

2.) Current Work Out Routine ( Leg Day)

Exercise is an never ending learning experience and should never be set in stone. It should always be something you should feel comfortable adjusting to fit the “you” you are at the moment. It should be something you feel comfortable accomplishing as well as something that pushes you.

At the moment, I have just gotten back on the wagon of working out, therefore, I am at very beginner levels at the moment. I personally am choosing to workout from home, however, I have had phases where I could only motivate myself to workout in a gym setting. That being said I just encourage you to not give up if the first time working out is not as successful as you would like. It takes time and adjustments to figure out what works best for you.  So here is what I did today for my “Leg Day” .

30 sec of the following each: Jumping jacks, jump ropes, high knees, and running in place

25 of the following each: Squats, lunges, sumo squats, and calf raises.

15 minutes of yoga, being sure to stretch all the muscles I worked.

At least 1 mile of walking.

That’s it. It got me up and moving and tired me out. Now it’s not the level I want to be at for sure! But I will slowly increase my intensity over the next two weeks as I get back into my daily routine. If I did the hardest workout I could possibly do the first time I would to overwhelmed to created a consistent routine.

3.) Today’s Adventures!

Well, to be honest, today has been a pretty mundane day. I woke up and decided to watch an ungodly amount to food photography videos, then proceeded to take way too much time making and setting up breakfast for a shot. ( I will actually be posting a blog on said breakfast here in a bit so watch out, lmao)

Cleaned up my little humble home and contemplated not working out due to it being very hot and muggy here in Portland today. But your girl did it. Took an interesting thirty minutes of contemplation, but I got it done so that’s what matters.  And now I am just proceeding to do some of my adulty duties. Groceries, phone calls, and of course working on the blog today.

If you want to read my last blog A Productive Rant you can navigate through the side bar or click on the embedded link in the title above. Aside from that, I hope you folks have a wonderful day. Please hit that follow button and leave any comments you wish to share! Other than that I think that is all for the day! Hope everybody has a wonderful and safe night!


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