Basic Dread Maintenance

Hello everybody! This is just a very, very simple dread maintenance blog. There are many ways and products people use to make their dreads the way want. This is just what I am doing right now and you are welcome to do the same as well as choosing a completely different path!

Everything I use is pictured below so you have a visual reference to what I am talking about! This is going to be a really short blog because….I do very little, if I am honest.

  1. I use the Dr. Broners 10in1 shampoo. I prefer Eucalyptus and I dilute that in a small togo shampoo bottle! I wash my dreads once a week REALLY REALLY well and please please take the extra five minutes to make sure ALL the soap is out of your hair or it will just collect in your dreads and that’s not fun. (Note that if I swim in a lake or pool, I wash them as soon as I can as well!)
  2. Whenever your hair gets wet, be sure to dry them completely before tying them up. They are like a mop, if you don’t take care of them properly they can get moldy…and quite frankly that is disgusting.
  3. The days I shower is when I take the time to roll and crotchet EACH one. The other days of the week, if I notice a weird little guy or notice big strands of hair I will roll and crotchet that particular dread. I also find that I will absent mindedly roll some of them while I am watching YouTube. So I try to be aware of which ones I have rolled so I can keep them even!
  4. And other than that I really don’t do much else, personally. I recommend going  and getting those absurdly large hair bands. Life savers! and also headbands and bandannas are a dreadheads’ best friend.

If you want me to make a video of how to roll or crotchet dreads, it might take me a minute but I would be happy to make one! Other than that I hope you found this helpful or at least interesting. That’s all for this blog! Leave any comments of questions you’d like and I’ll answer as soon as I can! Hope you all have a great evening! Signing out!




One Comment Add yours

  1. Para says:

    Your dreads look AMAZING! Interesting to see what you use and a video would be cool too.


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