Simply Missed You Today

I think a lot of times we are scared to admit we miss someone because it may seem needy or ignorant. It gets even more terrifying as more time passes and you still feel it in your chest, but you can’t talk about it anymore because you’ve already said it too many times.

I wonder why it is that we have a limit as to how much and how long we can miss someone. I am , by no means, saying that you should let someone stop your growth or have so many attachments to one other being that you can’t be happy. That’s not healthy. I just mean why is it not okay to miss moments you belted out laughing for no real reason or miss being able to be quirky with someone.

I think missing people is a sign of a admirable life. A sign that you had people that touched your soul and that space will always be theirs. Feeling that lump in your throat are your memories that once filled you with so much joy you can’t express it in words. Missing someone’s presence isn’t a negative thing in your life. It’s a sign that you were lucky enough to have someone to miss. You were fortunate enough to have someone in your life that made you feel safe and perfect the way you are when the rest of the world couldn’t.  Hopeful enough to know someone  gave you so much joy that no matter what they do or what happens, you can’t take them out of the incomparably beautiful glass ball you’ve put them in.

I believe we see the absence of someone means you never had them at all. But I think that’s foolish. Because to loose someone you have to first have them in their entirety.

I am missing you today, but that’s okay.

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  1. Para says:

    That was a sweet article. I agree completely.


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