Potato Alert!

Today I just want to go over 5 things that have called me out as a person from out of state. Please enjoy. My existence here is awkward.

  1. I started pumping my own gas. I could hear Oregon cry. (Helpful hint: don’t do that.)
  2. I asked for fry sauce and the Burgerville employee literally leaned back and was like: Ah, you are from out of town aren’t you?
  3. I suck at parallel parking. Everybody here is good. I am not. I park three miles away to avoid such situations.
  4. I get excited about vegan options. Everybody else here is like…yep…that’s a thing you sweet, sweet innocent tot.
  5. My license plate. people are on the hunt for Cali’s so they keep an eye on license plates so I get asked about Idaho a lot.  I rarely know what to say. Yes…it’s beautiful and yes we grow a lot of potatoes.  I really like throwing out the fun fact that we actually import a lot of our potatoes from California and sell our potatoes to other states…and that right pisses people off here. They have a special kind of hatred to California. On the radio, they sometimes just casually are like,”Hey, remember how we hate Californians?” and the other persons like,”Lol, yeah.” So odd, lmao.

Anyways, I’m on high potato alert. Stand by.


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