Sneak Peak: Life

Today I am posting the roughest draft of a project I am working on. Enjoy.

“Before Life was given to humans of the Earth, I remember a time many believed that she was too dangerous to roam free. Perhaps, that’s how it is today. Life, you see had too many possibilities, too many paths. The Others preferred order and predictability and so the four founding Souls were bound by oath to never create such a being. They swore to to protect the Others from Fate’s plan. A promise that was destined to break by design, being that Fate’s prophecies can be prolonged but not avoided.

The Others feared the prophecy that predicted the bonding of Spirit’s fiery impulses and adventurous tendencies with Strength’s power and his rooted, blue disposition. A creation that could be swayed by the other two of the four Souls, giving Life the ability to choose whichever path she desired. An ability more powerful than they would had ever known but despite the Others’ wishes and their own promises, Spirit and Strength were bound by fate to create Life. Others gave steely glances towards the wide-eyed violet child as they passed, not daring to mention her name. “A danger that one is,” they murmured, “unruly and unpredictable. There is so much about her that is unknown.””

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Para says:

    Interesting and creative teaser to a larger story. Can’t wait to hear how the story continues…


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