Bite Sized Pieces – Breaking Down Goals

Heylo everybody! The featured image is of my very good friend. She is one of the most beautiful amazing people I know…she’s just hungry in this photo…and it seemed fitting for the title.

In my last blog, I mentioned I would post on how I break down my goals into bite sized pieces so it is easier to actually follow through with your life’s current mission. So, with that being said, let’s get started!

Step One: Outline the Big  Idea

Like I did in my last blog I made a list of my goals that I wanted to reach as a whole and the date I wished to reach them at. Example goes as follows:

  1. Run the entire 5k Fun Run                                                             Oct. 14
  2. Get to my goal weight &/or feel good                                            Oct. 31
  3. Save $1,000                                                                                         Oct. 31
  4. Rough Draft-Secret Project                                                              Oct.31
  5. Create a consistent routine

Step Two: Break Down Each Goal Into a Todo List

The next step is to take each goal and break it into a doable todo list. Listing all the things you would need to do to reach your goal and giving yourself a timeline. I will break one of my goals for you as an example.

Run The Entire 5k Fun Run

1.Download a Running App to help keep track of my distance, pace, etc. (I chose Runtastic and so far it has been amazing!)

2. Make a running plan–8 week training (I chose a Nike Running Plan)

3. Set a Running Schedule


4. Find an accountability partner or partners. However strong your will power is…it’s always a good idea to have somebody who will help push you when you are not up to it.

5. Do it! You can write as many goals down as you want…but at some point you just have to start no matter however hard it may be.

And that’s basically it! This is just the way I break it down, because it works for me. However, you should break down your goals in a way that fits you! I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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