She Made Me Do It

My dear friend was the victim of my last post, as I had used a terrible photo of her for my featured image. She notified me that I needed to post the good photos of her to make up for my past sins…and I thought, why not?

So today is a blog about one of my closest friends hope you enjoy!

We are coming up on knowing each other for two years and in that time there have been many shared tears and smiles. We have pissed each other off, just to forgive each other the next day. Spent too many nights staying up to the ungodly hour of 3 am and have made far too many irresponsible decisions together.

We were idiots at times and geniuses at others. Artists and lumps of lazy. Adventurers and homebodies. Adults then two year olds. But always friends.

We have gone on a many adventures going way above the speed limits and budgets. We’ve shared a home, two jobs, and too many stories to count. We’ve scraped our money together when times were tight and have been generous when we’ve been blessed with more than our share. We have done so many things together and I don’t regret a single thing.

She has done so amazing in heading towards the person she wants to be. She has accomplished so many scary steps as an adult while maintaining the adventurous soul of a child. She doesn’t let her down days drag you down and is always ready to lift you up while you’re in yours. She is in a wonderful relationship that I think she’s waited far too long for and she deserves every bit of joy that comes of it. She just has to remember to pay attention to me too, lol. (I’m serious Mr. Newt. She needs to hang out with me too)

I hope you have a wonderful day kid, this post is for you!

Hope the rest of you a wonderful day as well, that is all for tonight…enjoy some pictures.

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