Happily Busy! –Updates–

Hello everybody! I apologize that I haven’t posted a proper blog for a few day but I have been having fun being happily busy! I have been bonding with my new roommates, creating art, and cooking new foods! So now, that I have regrouped, I will update you on the things you are about 12% interested  in.

1. Overall: How’s Life?

Great! I could leave it at that, but I will give some more juicy details. I have been participating in some fun group activities with my roommates. Going out to lunch, walking around town, old school Mario Kart and Smash Bros. We’ve been hanging every night by the fire pit and swapping stories! So it’s starting to feel like home. (But no worries I still miss everybody in Idaho!

I have also officially got through all crazy amounts of paperwork to start my job…and I start tomorrow! So I am really excited to get that done and start having a job that I can go to everyday. As weird as that sounds…it feels weird being home all the time…so I am really excited for new adventure and making new friends at my job.

So in summary, I am doing great despite, me missing my friends and family in Idaho.

2. My Projects

So!!! I have been working on a bunch of little projects as of late. Late night doodles and working on myself and a potential book. I posted in a separate blog some of my little art projects called Midnight Doodles.

The project of “Me” is always a working progress by I think I am finding my rhythm. Again, in separate blog called I will go through what I am doing for that.

That is the end of the update! Hope you all have a lovely night! See you later.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Para Sakti says:

    Happily busy…
    That’s the BEST kind of busy. 😄


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