Project “Me”–Daily Routine

Hello, everybody. So I am always in the process of personal growth or trying to improve some part of my life. (Mind you it’s not always consistent) But I think everybody has room for improvement even though it is perfectly healthy to love yourself exactly as you are in the moment. That being, said, one of my goals is to get my body into shape and clean up my diet habits.

So without further is what I do (Disclaimer: This is definitely my personal journey and I want to in no way imply this is what you should do.):

5-Hour Rule: 

So the first thing that I do is I spread my main meals five hours apart. It gives you body a chance to burn more calories beyond digesting the food you eat. I don’t however, cut all food out in those five hours. I will snack on sunflower seeds or pickles. Thinks that are really low in calories and kind of have their own portion control. (Meaning I can only eat so many sunflower seeds or pickles in one sitting before I am like: good lordy that is enough.) I also drink A LOT of tea. I usually don’t sweeten tea because that’s just how I like it, but I do sometimes add about a teaspoon of  raw coconut sugar. But aside from that I avoid eating in those five hours. (Of course if you feel really hungry…eat. Don’t starve yourselves. I just eat huge meals so I am perfectly fine doing this. )

Personal results from doing this for a week: I have lost five pounds. I started at 185 pounds but I am down to 180. Consistently. (That much weight loss will slow down as I get closer to my goal weight. Due to most of it now is just water weight.)

Stay Hydrated

A lot of people avoid water after they hear the phrase “water weight”. Big no no. Drinking water actually aids in losing water weight. It can also help you sweat better when you exercise (gross but healthy), clear up your skin, and help you digest your food in a more efficient way. So…DRINK, DRINK, DRINK….water.

Stay Active

My goal is to get cardio, weights, and yoga in everyday. Unrealistic…at least for me. So honestly, I work out every other day…but I do my best to stay active when I am not writing. Go for walks, choose to stand rather than sit, clean, etc. Keep moving consciously. It does make a difference, even if you don’t have the energy to actively exercise.

That’s about all I am actively focusing on currently. Below are photos of what I ate today…enjoy! Hope everybody has a wonderful day!


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  1. Para Sakti says:

    Great suggestions! I may steal a couple of those ideas!!


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