Cruelty Free Makeup

Long time no write…I know. But I am back and what better way than with a cruelty free makeup blog? Now I know a lot of my family and friends aren’t vegan, however this blog can be for anybody! Cruelty free isn’t just cruelty free for animals it’s also cruelty free for your face. More than likely, if a makeup is cruelty free, it usually contains less harmful products for your beautiful/handsome faces too. So, even if you are interested in being vegan…you might be interested in these products.

So first, I will go through the make up I personally use and love. As you can see in the featured photo above…I don’t wear a ton of makeup. Eyeliner (sometimes), mascara, and brow pencil. If I decide to go crazy I will sometimes use lipstick and a little bronzer. All of my products happen to be e.l.f. products and my brushes are by wet n wild. I’ll leave a link to a ton of other brands below, I just use what I use because they are affordable and work for what I use it for! Below are pictures of the products I use and you can get most of them at any drugstore.


Here’s a few resources to find which products you want to use if you choose. I hope that maybe this helps you find what you are looking for. If you have any specific questions feel free to drop a comment!

Peta’s Official Cruelty Free Makeup Brands

e.l.f.’s Website

Wet n Wild (brand of brushes I use) Website

My YouTube Video Of Me Using All These Products Loopy on Melatonin

I hope everybody has a great night! That’s all for now!


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  1. Para Sakti says:

    Beautiful idea to look into. I never thought of it before actually. Thanks for the inspiration.


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