5 Products For a Better Environment.

Although you cannot fix the world, you can better your part of it.  A lot of people give up when they realize how big of a crisis the earth is in. But that’s why the earth is in crisis. Everybody thinks their part isn’t enough. So nobody helps…but if everybody had the mentality of fixing their piece of the planet…the earth is just that much better off. So with that being said…here’s five products I personally use that makes the planet just  a little bit better. (Keep in mind these are borrowed pictures, not my own!)

Reusable Coffee Cup


Even if you don’t drink coffee, a reusable coffee cup is awesome to replace all the plastic cups we use at gas stations, fast food restaurants…and of course coffee. It can also save you a bit on money here and there when you get the “you brought your own cup” discount.

Reusable Straws


I have a ton of reusable straws. For one, it’s just cool to be an adult and have straws you can use at home…and again saves you all the waste of the plastic straws we use everywhere we go. (Tip…rinse them immediately…it’s hard to properly clean straws!)

Reusable Produce Bags


These obviously replace the plastic produce bags at the store…but also they are great for storing produce at home because they are breathable, you can use them to get bulk items and it’s easy to avoid having to tarot out your own containers. They are useful for non food storage, like art supplies, extra change, etc.

Glass Tupperware


These replace all the plastic variety of food containers. They are awesome and keep food better for longer. It also saves you dishes. if you make a casserole or bake something…you can use these containers as both a cooking utensil and food storage in your fridge. Just watch out for your kiddos…make sure they are aware of their ability to break when they land on the ground!

Reusable Grocery Bags


Again, the same idea is that these replace the plastic we use in stores. They are also great for traveling trips to store things in like beach towels, snacks, etc.

These are just the main things I do my best to use when I can. I realize it wont fix everything but it is a start! I hope you all have a wonderful night. If you guys have things you use let me know in the comments…I love new ideas! That’s all for now!


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  1. Para Sakti says:

    Caring for the land we live on could never be a bad thing. Great tips!! I look forward to your blogs for healthy lifestyle ideas


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