Minimalism. What is it to YOU?

I am regularly asked, “So what is minimalism anyway?” It is an inquiry that comes from every single distinctive point – from individuals I have recently met and from individuals I have known for a long time. I can best describe it as “I am purposefully attempting to live with just the things I truly require.” But with that definition…minimalism can be fit any lifestyle, any mind set, etc…so here’s what I  think of minimalism…and you can choose for yourself your own definition.

Present day culture has gotten tied up with the lie that the “great life” is found in aggregating things—in having however much as could be expected. They trust that more is better and have accidentally bought in to the possibility that satisfaction can be obtained at a store.

While that may give temporary relief, they are incorrect. Moderation brings opportunity from the all-expending energy to have. It ventures off the treadmill of consumerism and sets out to look for satisfaction somewhere else. It esteems connections, encounters, and soul-care. Furthermore, in doing as such, it discovers life.

Our reality lives at a hot pace. We are excessively rushed, excessively hurried, and excessively focused. We work long, enthusiastic hours to pay the bills, yet fall further into obligation. We surge starting with one action then onto the next—performing multiple tasks en route—yet never appear to complete everything. We stay in consistent association with others through our mobile phones, however evident extraordinary connections keep on evading us.

Moderation backs off life and liberates us from this advanced agitation to live quicker. It discovers opportunity to separate. It looks to keep just the fundamentals. It looks to evacuate the unimportant and keep the critical. Furthermore, in doing as such, it esteems the deliberate undertakings that increase the value of life.

In short…minimalism gets rid of the unnecessary and makes room for life.

That’s all for tonight! I hope everybody has a goodnight!


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  1. Para Sakti says:

    Now THAT is some impressive writing and insightful concepts. Brilliant!


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