De-clutter the Mind

In a recent blog I discussed Minimalism and how it can greatly improve the life in which you live. When we begin to de-clutter our lives most of us will forget one of the most important things to simplify and organize: OUR MINDS.

To often our minds are overwhelmed with a seemingly overwhelmed to do list and constantly going 100 mph. Most of these endless tasks are wiped from the slate when you practice minimalism…but what else can help clear our minds and keep us in a more consistant state of peace?

  1. Healthy eating. The food you eat fuels your brain…if you eat garbage, then your brain will run like garbage. Not to say you can’t have a treat here in there. But a clean diet will help keep a clear mind.
  2. Exercise. I know, at this point you’re probably thinking you accidentally clicked on a weight loss blog post…but it’s true. Everything you do…effects everything. Including your brain. Keeping the body moving will keep that bright brain of yours moving.
  3. Cut back on social media. Now you don’t have to take it all away. Just moderate. Take just enough time to read and like my blogs then sign out and go outside. All jokes aside…if you feel like the old brain is overwhelmed…adding new content is not the wisest choice.
  4. Picking a few things. If your todo list is too overwhelming…you wont do it and your brain will just be bogged down. I use this to help me decide which is most important to do. Credit for the idea goes to Pick Up Limes.  (Awesome YouTuber!)
    sketch-1539393856894.pngThat’s all for today! I hope this is at least a bit useful! Remember your brain is important and you need to take care of it! Have a great night!



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  1. Para Sakti says:

    I don’t know how I missed this blog! So glad I stumbled on it months later. Wonderful advice, and fabulous ideas… as always!

    Liked by 1 person

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