Food Prepping Thoughts

Food prepping? I, myself, associated food prepping with being boring and being unhappy with what I fuel my body with. While I think that can definitely be the case…I think keeping that belief makes you miss out on some awesome opportunities.
I, personally, chose one meal to food prep for the week and a healthy snack. This gives me more time during the day to participate in activities I enjoy, while also giving me the freedom to be creative with my other meals. I feel that for me it was a healthy balance.
This week I got my dinners ready with: cilantro rice, black beans, and broccoli. Then I’ll add some fermented sourcrout (for probiotics) to it with Italian dressing!

And for my snack I just made an assortment of protien bites. Peanut butter apricot and peanut butter chocolate.

I’ll be posting a better recipe and food chart tomorrow!


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  1. Para Sakti says:

    Great ideas! I’m sure I’ll be using some of those tips in future. Thank you for sharing.


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