Life As a Type 1 Diabetic

I was diagnosed with type on diabetes at 18 months old.

The average person lives to be 78.7 years old.

If I were to be the average person, by the time I die, I will have taken

114,902 syringes of fast acting insulin

57, 451 syringes of slow acting insulin

114,902 pricks on my fingers.

And that’s just to survive. That’s not including hospital visits, days that I want to eat extra food, or times I have to check my blood sugars extra because my blood sugars have been running low. Every month I have to hassle with the pharmacy to try and save as much as I can on overpriced medical supplies I need to survive. Every birthday party of school event, it was teachers and parents hesitating to give or denying you the snacks everyone else around you were enjoying. It was feeling isolated and alone, dealing with a disease that could be worse…but was never going to go away.

It was always speaking for two people. You…and your diabetes. How are you? How’s your diabetes? How was school? How were your blood sugars?

It was not wanting to deal with it one day and having to deal with the consequences for the next week. It was feeling like you have to prove to everybody who doesn’t understand your disease that you can do and eat everything anybody else can…you just have to take the proper steps.

I have had people stop dating me because they were scared of the unknown. I’ve had nights I was scared to go to sleep because it was being unpredictable and nights I hoped I wouldn’t have to wake up to it in the morning even if it meant not waking up at all. It was feeling like a burden on your family as you watched them cry and sneak in to check if your alive while they think your sleeping.


It was making friends at diabetic camp that will be friends for the rest of your life. Its being a little faster at quick math in school from the years of having to count carbs and calculate insulin. Being able to make a ridiculous amount of diabetic jokes and no one can stop  you.

It’s being grateful for the healthy life you have and learning to be resourceful  in tight situations. Its having a good laugh when you discover the raging mess you had made the night before fixing a low blood sugar.

It’s being aware of healthy life choices young and learning that you have control of your health if you keep focused.

It’s a disease that won’t kill you if you don’t let it…and for that…I am so grateful for the life I was given….even if it has a few rough patches.

It’s November, the month of Type 1 Diabetes. If you are a family member of a diabetic…keep an eye on them…but let them get to know their own disease. And remember to check up on them more than the diabetes.

If you are a type one diabetic…welcome to the club. If you are in a rough patch…that’s okay…I promise you’ll get back on your feet. And if you are doing well, good job on taking charge.  There are terrible feeling that come with being diabetic…but there are some pretty cool things about it too.

If you ever want to talk about your feelings or just release frustration. Or if you just feel like sharing tips of how you deal with it….please leave a comment! This is a safe place and I know how you feel! I will continue to create more blogs on the topic that are a little less heavy…so if you are interested in the topic  make sure to subscribe!

That’s all for tonight!


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  1. Para Sakti says:

    Great blog!! Well written and helpful to a non diabetic for better understanding of what your experience is like. Thanks for sharing. Hope you AND your Diabetes are doing alright.

    Liked by 1 person

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