My Own Trap–Thoughts

I get caught in the trap, far too often of caring more…or at least feeling like I do. I don’t have the right to speak for anyone besides myself. What’s more frustrating is knowing the other person cares…but just maybe not enough.

My chest constricts when I think about what I would do, but they wouldn’t. Don’t get me wrong, life isn’t a tit for tat game. But knowing there is a level of equality is always comforting. When you would give your world to someone but they are only willing to give you theirs when it’s convenient, stings a tad. It creates the feeling of being appreciated when you are easy to get to but not loved when there’s bumps in the road.

I know that’s not the whole truth…but it’s the story that consumes my head.

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  1. Para Sakti says:

    Since we’re sharing thoughts… Here are some of mine. You deserve love. You deserve your own love, time, and attention most of all. Don’t abandon yourself ever. It seems a good idea to expect nothing but appreciate everything positive from others. If you aren’t feeling that your efforts are reciprocated often… You can try mirroring others and see if any relationship happens at all or if it was mostly a one sided giving from the get go.
    Fill your life with love and if others help you to do that, then they are awesome keepers. If they only ignore you, then let them ignore you to the point that the relationship stops completely. If they just try to drag you down, cut them free of you so you can survive. It has been a waste of time for me to try to figure out other people… who knows why people do the weird or flaky things they do anyway? Figure out what you want your life to be about, what kind of people you want to share your time and love with and try to grow from everything. If you find someone who wants to appreciate you, then appreciate that because it’s rare to find REAL friends in this world.

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