Restarting Your Life (Part 1)

I know I want to slam that reset button on my life every 20 minutes. Although that is an exaggeration…sometimes we need to restart. So, I’ll list my personal ways that I reset my day…and then I will link some templates for part one of how I reset my life.

Reset the Day

  1. Shower. Rinse the stress away. I personally feel way better and more refreshed after showering.
  2. Clear your space. Make the bed, clean off your counters and tables, sweep the floor. I know that sounds like a stressful chore but I promise you…when you de-clutter your space it’s easier to de-clutter your mind.
  3. Take 10 minutes. Breathe. Meditation, whether its guided or your own method. Or just sit there. But the important thing is to take deep breathes. Get oxygen to your body and your mind.
  4.  Make a list. Of all your todos of the day and pick THREE. The most important or the ones you want to do the most. Pick three, accomplish them…and if you feel like keepin on keepin on…then go for it. But accomplishing a simple goal with give you more confidence to move forward.
  5. Do a relaxing activity. Or go do something that makes you happy. Put a smile on your face.

Reset Your Life (Part One)

Restarting Your Life Pt. 1

That is all for today’s blog. I hope you all have a wonderful day and that you have a great Reset Day! I will be posting Part 2 Wednesday, November 28!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Para Sakti says:

    I set the reset button today in my life also. Cleaning up a space does feel so much better!!


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