Pt. 2 Making Your Goals Achievable

In the last blog Restarting Your Life (Part 1) I discussed how to make your goals and realign your life. In this blog, we talk about the hardest part. Making those goals a reality.

The biggest problem we come across is putting too much on our plate, so we set ourselves up for disaster. I am no exception. Recently, however, I have discovered some tips and tricks that have helped me follow through on what I want to accomplish.

My Bright Ideas

  1. Is knowing what your goal is and why you have it.
  2. Setting yourself a “calendar” end dates. Yes DATES multiple. It’s great to have an overall end date, but to have check in points is very important.
  3. Having steps to put on that calendar. Example will be posted below.
  4. Set reminders where you will see them. Your phone. On sticky notes on the bathroom mirror. Your car dash. Force yourself to see your goals.
  5. Check in on yourself through out the week. Ask yourself how you have you moved closer to accomplishing your goals? What can you do to do better?
  6. Just do it. I know this one sounds dumb. But when you are laying on your bed thinking about working out….stand up. You don’t have to immediately be motivated to workout…you just have to take the first step.
  7. Let yourself mess up. You are human. Don’t give up if you are not perfect…because you aren’t and that’s what makes you beautifully human.

So this is a rough idea of how I would set up my goal sheet. I hope this is helpful or inspiring for you to come up with your own battle plan!


Have a wonderful night!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Para Sakti says:

    Yes, I’ve started doing the steps from part 1 of this blog and it’s helping me through a difficult time. I haven’t started much of my workout things yet… But your idea to just get up and take the first step sounds like just what I needed to hear.

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