What’s On My Dream Board

Good morning, night, or day! Last Friday I posted my Dream Board and promised I would go more into detail in a future blog…so here it is! In this blog I will cover:

  1. What’s on my dream board and why?
  2. Why I chose so make a dream board.
  3. A few tips of how to make your own dream board. (Includes a YouTube video by Caitlin Bea

What’s on my Dream Board:


Kymnonstop- represents that I want to be healthy and fit. I also just think she is awesome and cute so here she is!

A watercolor eye- represents that I want to work on my art. Specifically the human figure.

Plants- because I honestly just want a ton of plants

A minimalistic Bedroom- represents how I want my space and lifestyle to be. Clean and minimalistic.

A YouTube logo- I want to get better at posting YouTube videos and want that to be a place for me to share more and different content that is hard to express over a blog.

Herbs and Essential oils- I want to be more educated in a more natural-path approach to doing things.

Eat fruit not friends logo- A reminder to be vegan and to be kind to animals.

Plant based food pyramid- I want to learn more about nutrition. While I am fairly well educated there is always more to learn.

The word Love- I want to find love in the world. Whether it be romantic or just loving friendships! Love is what we are looking for here on kayteableblogs.

Books-I want to read more!

Zero Waste Logo- I want to live a more waste free lifestyle. For both myself and the planet I live on.

Be Happy- I just wanna be happy folks!

Sleep- I need to get a better sleep routine going lol.

Good Friends- I want to make sure I keep myself surrounded with good people this year.

Always Keep on Traveling Quote- pretty self explanatory.

Meditation- I want to make it a daily routine to ground myself and meditate.

Peace sign- I want to stay true to my hippie roots and stay kind and open minded in a healthy and happy way.

Guitar- I want to get back on practicing guitar. I have let it go and I want to be able to remember how to play more than one song.

kayteableblogs business card- I want to invest more in this blog hopefully make it my full time job someday!

Little kitty- I want a cat. Or two. Or three. But we will say one for now.

Quote-Just to remind myself not to quit when it gets tough.

Why a dream board?

For me personally I need a daily reminder to keep on myself. But a dream or vision board is an awesome way to stimulate your subconscious with visual images of what you want your future to look like. It helps you naturally start to click with the habits and goals you want to attain. If you are wanting to know how to make your own dream board and are wanting more information as to how it works in greater detail I highly recommend you watch the video posted below! She is an awesome YouTuber and this video is very informative. These are my personal little tips that I quickly jotted down.


That is all I have for tonight so I hope you all have a lovely night, day, or whatever time it is when you are reading this.


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  1. Para Sakti says:

    The black backdrop really makes it all pop! Bam! There it is! Inspirational! Lovin it.

    Liked by 1 person

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