10 Things I Stopped Using

Obviously, I am human…so if you catch me using a plastic cup at some party in ten years…don’t come at me…but here are ten items I  no longer use often or at all. My personal reasons are that I am a minimalist that cares for the planet we live on. By stopping the use of these ten things, I am hoping I can help…even if it’s just a little bit!

So without further ado, here are

10 Things I Stopped Using

  1. Plastic Cups. The only thing I drink outside of home is water and coffee/teas. I no longer go to fast food restaurants  and if I go to a sit down restaurant…then there are reusable cups often available! So solution? I have a reusable 1 water bottle and 1 reusable coffee cup. I carry them around everywhere with me and it was an easy transition! If you would like some here is a link for Reusable Cups!
  2. Straws. This is the same explanation as above! I have 5 glass straws I got off of Amazon. I love them. These are not necessary to have…but my inner kid loves to drink out of straws. If you have an inner kid as well, here’s a link for Reusable Straws!
  3. Plastic Produce Bags! I hated how much plastic I was using just in the produce alone. So I invested in some reusable ones! They are awesome…and I don’t always use them for JUST produce. They are awesome snack bags, for art supplies, etc. Just an awesome replacement for plastic bags! Again, here’s a link for Reusable Bags if you are interested.
  4. Excessively Packaged Products.  Food, toys, art supplies…if anything has A TON of unnecessary packaging…I look for an alternative. There is almost always an alternative that is more environmentally friendly!
  5. Excessive Paper Journals. If you know me…you know I like to write a lot…and you know that used to have tons of half used journals. Here’s the thing…I love writing on paper. But I now have one…maybe two journals at most and I won’t be getting any more until I have completely filled them. I also am sure that they are made out of recycled materials! If you want a nice notebook…click the link!
  6. Un-reusable Packaged Products. Let me explain. Makeup, shampoo, etc…if the container can’t be re-purposed…I try not to use it. And if I buy it once, I try to find a way to refill it without re-purchasing the actual packaging itself.
  7. Products Tested on Animals. This mostly pertains to make up. Of course it’s so hard to bee 100% with EVERY SINGLE THING YOU USE. But certain categories of my life…I make sure is cruelty free. A quick google search and you will find loads of cruelty free products that are affordable and nicer to the environment.
  8. Animal Products in Food. I have made the personal choice to be vegan…and I know that is not for everybody at the moment. But it is something I do to try and be kinder to the planet, animals, and myself!
  9. New Books. What I mean by that is that unless they are gifted…I thrift shop for my books. They are more affordable and they are being re-used and re-loved!
  10. Plastic/Un-reusable Food Storage. I do have a few plastic food containers I purchased a few years ago, but from now on, I am only using glass! I also avoid using plastic wrap or tin foil. I try to get containers with lids! If you are interested in Reusable Food Storage…click that link!

That is all for tonight! I hope you enjoy and maybe pick up some of these habits yourself!


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  1. Para Sakti says:

    It never occured to me to use reusable lids instead of plastic wrap! Makeup tips also appreciated. Great overall advice and insight.

    Liked by 1 person

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