10 New Holiday Habits

This time a year is chock-full of fun traditions and lots of memories! But…sometimes some of our habits during the holidays have us regretting said habits for the next year.

SO… here are 10 NEW HOLIDAY HABITS that you will both enjoy and also leave you feeling happy after the holidays as well!

10 New Holiday Habits

  1. Having Healthy Treats on Hand! Even if your main goal is weight-loss or weight maintenance…depriving yourself of ALL sweets is not a good move. Make your favorite holiday treats as a healthy twist. Healthier ingredients…same great tastes!!! If you want some ideas to spark your imagination…here is a link to some yummy healthy recipes!
  2. Avoid Alcohol I know for a lot of people tend to use alcohol to get through the holidays! But I encourage you to drink some yummy hot cocoa instead. Alcohol is the worst way to set you off track. It makes it harder workout, make healthy decisions, etc. OR at least cut back to a healthy balance. Have a glass of wine…not ten shots and die the next morning!
  3. Stay Hydrated With all the hustle and bustle it can be hard to remember that water. I know I personally struggle with it…so I encourage you to be mindful of your water intake!!!
  4. Recycle Gift Packaging! Be mindful of what happens to your packaging after the holidays…don’t just throw it in the trash! The earth appreciates it!
  5. Don’t Feel Obligated to Keep Everything You Receive this Year! This is something I struggle with because I am extremely sentimental! However, if you don’t use or LOVE the gift you received donate it! Take a picture for sentimental use but don’t clutter your life out of obligation.
  6. Take Space to Exist. With all the rush…it is overwhelming. Take at least a few minutes everyday to meditate or just to take a few breathes. Take a bath or read a book. Just take a minute to not be busy.
  7. Don’t Over Spend out of Obligation. If you have the money or want to spend something on a big purchase, then do it! However, if it is creating unnecessary stress because you don’t have the money but you feel obligated…don’t. Go to a thrift store, make a card, bake cookies. Give within your means. It’s the thought and love not the material items that matter.
  8. Cut Out Toxicity. This is not saying if your Mom gets on your nerves a tad…cut her out. This is just a reminder that if your family or “friends” are genuinely  TOXIC to be around… then don’t be around them. I know the obligation can play a role in these situations…but take care of your mental health. You can still be kind…while also being kind to yourself.
  9. Get Some Sleep! Of course, there will be a few late nights…but don’t let the holidays make you sleep deprived. Greet the New Year rested and healthy!
  10. Just Have Fun. No matter how you choose to spend the holidays…make sure you are just having fun. Enjoy this joyous time of year!

That is all for tonight! I will see you guys next Wednesday with “Healthy Food–Cheap Budget”! Thanks you guys, hope you have a wonderful Christmas or whatever you celebrate! See you soon!


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  1. Para Sakti says:

    Yes, I agree… cookies (and a Wonder Woman drawing) can be a delightful gift!


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