Can I Eat Healthy on a Budget?

“I would eat healthy, but it’s just so expensive…and I can’t afford it right now.”

This is a response I most often get when I am sharing how I am eating or share about a healthy lifestyle. The biggest misconception about healthy eating or just a healthy lifestyle in general…is that it’s just too expensive.

Now, it can be expensive if you want it to be as convenient as take-out of pre-packaged food. However, if you just put in a even minimal effort…you can eat healthy, nutritious foods and obtain that healthy lifestyle within your budget.

Today, I am going to go through some foods (plant based) that are fairly easy to prep and are fairly cheap (at least here in the U.S.). So without further ado, here’s some healthy food on a cheap budget!

Healthy Food–Cheap Budget


  1. Brown/Wild Rice: You can get a 10lb bag of really healthy rice for $10-$13. That’s the base of 25 pretty decent sized meals. Rice is also really great for meal prepping! you take 10-20 min once a week and you can have you meal base prepped for the week. If you need ideas what to do with rice click the link for recipes including rice!
  2. Rolled Oats: For about $3 you can get a 42oz container of rolled oats (name brand) which is about 30 servings. So for an entire month of a  breakfast base…$3. Again, click the link for recipes including rolled oats. 


  1. Beans- For about 20lbs of black beans it’s $10-15. Which is about 200 servings. That’s about 6 months of servings…if you have one a day…3 months if you are  human being and eat about 2 servings. (This is for dry beans…the price will be different if you get pre-cooked beans) Again…if you take a bit once a week…you can have it prepped for the rest of the week. Recipes for black beans.
  2. Tofu- for a package of tofu it’s about $1.50. I split my tofu into three servings. So say two packages a week is $3…so a month is $12 a month. Recipes for tofu.
  3. Lentils- Again, 20lb bag of lentils is about $10-$14. 240 servings. This is the same deal as rice and beans. Take 10-20 min one day of the week and you are ready to go for the rest of the week. Here are some recipes that include lentils. 

Fruits and Veggies-

1.Bananas- They can be anywhere from $0.18-$0.60 a pound! I will wait for them to go on sale or buy them in bulk an freeze them. Awesome pre-workout snack, goes in smoothies, etc. Recipes with bananas.

2. Zucchini- Are one of the cheaper veggies you can get in bulk that last a little bit longer. You can get them for $0.60-$0.90 a pound. Very filling and yummy. Not too strong of a taste so it a good one for picky eaters. Recipes that include zucchinis. 

3.Overripe Berries- Why would you want overripe berries? Well actually, often when they go on sale at the store…they are almost overripe and the stores want to get rid of them before they go bad. Take opportunity of these sales because normally berries are expensive!!! You can freeze them or add them to your breakfasts! Recipes with berries. 

4. Frozen Veggies- I know fresh produce can get pricey but frozen veggies are the next best bet. (Check the ingredients. Sometimes they add a  TON of salt) For $1-$7 you can get some veggies for a full week of meals…maybe a week and a half!

5. In Season Produce- When you buy out of season produce…it gets…EXPENSIVE. But if you get what is available in mass quantities…it is MUCH cheaper. Go with the seasons guys…trust me.

6. Local Market Place- Getting produce at the farmers market is a great way to steal a deal!

That is all I have for tonight! I hope you all have a wonderful night!


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  1. Para Sakti says:

    FANTASTIC ADVICE!! Comments about high prices for healthy food are something I hear frequently too. Great to address people’s concerns or excuses.


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