I am a Evolved Potato 2019 (Life Updates)

Good Morning…Or Afternoon…Or night! Whatever time you are reading this, I hope you are doing well…with that being said, I have a little bit of an update for you!

First, I want to make you aware of my new upload schedule for everything so here is that! If you want links you can scroll to the bottom of my  Schedule Updates Blog! But here is a quick look at the basic layout!

New Posting Schedule.png


Now for the rest of my exciting life updates!

Where the heck am I living?! I wont give the exact location (Not a great idea for the Internet, lol!) But I am living in The Great Land of Boise Area of Idaho! I live in a really cute space of about 50 sq. feet! (I do use the kitchen provided, but otherwise I stay in this cute little space!)IMG_20190103_101808594.jpg

I have been walking about four to five miles a day to and from work, which has made me noticeably happier to get some fresh air and spend time to myself everyday! I have been eating amazing foods that make me feel awesome and full all day!


That being said, here is what you have to look forward to in the next year!

  1. Blogs and videos about minimal living, how to save money, and how to eat healthy and stay full on a budget!
  2. Little blips of a book I am working on…so stay tuned!!
  3. My weight-loss journey and the ups and downs of that!
  4. Ways to make a difference in the world by making a difference in your life!
  5. and finally just a ton of fun things that I am personally excited about!

Thanks for tuning in! Hope you have a lovely day!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Para Sakti says:

    Adorable minimilist space. Glad to know you can make the best of things everywhere you go! Take care!

    Liked by 1 person

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