Welcome Back!–The Real Me & A New Direction

Welcome back! If you have been following the blog…you know I have take a few weeks off. Why? I need to have the time and the space to figure out what direction I wanted my life, my blog, and my content to take.

Of course, it will stay in the category of health and wellness mentally, physically, and spiritually. But I felt I was just scraping the surface of the real content I want to share.

I spend a lot of my time trying to please other people in the masses. Trying to fit every single person’s ideal. Which, I still think it’s important to be considerate of other people’s boundaries and preferences…but there comes a point where I wasn’t even being me.

So, my goal this year…no matter what happens…is to try and be more genuine, honest, and authentic as I can be…even if it is hard.

I feel like this is a quality that often gets overlooked in the world today…it’s crazy and hectic…and honestly a lot of lies. While that is the world we live in…I want to do my best not to contribute. So…what next.


One of the things…that while it isn’t even a main characteristic of myself I want to focus on in my content…it is a part of me and I feel that I have been lying by omission. Everybody who needs to know…knows now…but I’m gay. Or lesbian if you will. It doesn’t change anything…but I do feel that I was avoiding certain topics because I haven’t been forward about that part of my life. So from now on…no lying by omission.

Another thing is eating habits. The habits I promote are the ones I believe in and encourage others to do because I feel that is the best lifestyle I could get behind…but I don’t have the best relationship with food. I have a really bad problem with binge eating…at times I have it under control…and other times I find it controlling my life and my google searches are consumed by trying to find eating disorder rehab centers because I have taken it too far.

I like to think that I have gotten a lot better with it…and I have…but I pretend it isn’t still a problem I deal with…and I think that denial is what makes the problem much worse…so I, again, am done lying by omission.

And the last thing…is that I struggle with the content I put out…because I struggle with the world we live in…it’s not going in a great direction…Granted…there is so many beautiful things about it…but it’s still terrifying to be living on a train going high speed into a devastation…that being said…I struggle with feeling that what I am doing is not important or not the right information to be sharing…

But, I have decided to share…positive and uplifting posts…to spread a little light into my corner of the world and share genuine concerns I care about…that I think will help. I need to stop worrying about saving the world or everyone…or even myself…and start thinking about how I am going to make the best of every moment, every breath…because I have minimum control of what happens next…so I will try my best to control what happens now…in my heart and mind.


I solemnly swear…I am up to no good…

No, I am just kidding. I solemnly swear to do my best, to do my part to be honest and genuine. To be my light and hopeful help you find yours. I will see you soon.


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  1. Sean Sikes says:

    Great content Kayte! Looking forward to this shared journey 🙌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kayteable says:

      Thank you for your support! 😊👍


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