“Dear God.” (from a book I wrote)

Hey guys, real quick just wanted to share from a writing project I have been working on! Thank you for reading! Hope everyone has a great night.

” ‘Dear God,

My name is Skylar Reese. I know most people try to reach you through prayer, but writing is more my style. To be honest, I don’t know whether you are real or fake. A face to put on the higher power we don’t understand or something we made up to make ourselves feel better. I do however, know I understand very little in the big scheme of  things…and I have experienced a great deal of things more unbelievable than you… so as for now…I am rooting for you. I have lost myself in the messes that were either placed in my path or the ones of my own doing I have tried to leave behind. As I write this, I realize that a letter to God won’t fix my problems…but when you feel like you have been f*cked with…the least you could do is shoot your girl a text? If you have some obscure sign or vague directions to what I need to do to get home…feel free to send one.

Thanks- your favorite child of you.

-Skylar ‘

She shook her head as a smile crept into the corner of her rosy lips. What’s the worst that could happen? She folded up the ‘Letter to God” she had written on a napkin at the dimly lit diner at 2am and slipped into her leather jacket’s front pocket. Sliding out of the ugly maroon booth, she slipped her duffel bag across her chest and made her way to the exit. Her escape from the musty smelling establishment was quickly cut short as two burly looking me stepped in her path.

‘Hey, pretty lady,” the man to the left, baring any resemblance of hair he had on as a weak handle-bar beneath his nose. “What’s a girl such as yourself doing so far from home?” A nasty sneer spread across his thin cheeks.

“How about we give you an escort home, shall we?,” Chimed in the man with the seemingly opposite problem of the first. He didn’t have a short supply of hair or fat in his cheeks.

Each grabbing one of her arms, with an unnecessarily amount of roughness, they drug her out of the double doors and into the sharp night’s air.

Skylar glances upward as she muttered under breath. ‘So much for subtle, huh?’ ”

Hope you guys enjoyed! Let me know in the comments what you thought! Have a great rest of your night, morning, or anytime of day!




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  1. Gramalene says:

    Dear sweet Kayte, I thought it very good, good writing, I’d like to read more. Of course you knew I’d comment on the expletive word…Don’t need it…it distracts in my opinion from the story. Check the spelling “men” you left off a letter. Good luck with your writing. Great possibilities!! I love you!


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