50 Shades of Messy

Good morning everybody. I have been missing…for a while…and I didn’t even realize it…want to know why?

While this is not an excuse…for I have in fact fallen off the fictional wagon of posting on a schedule…it is still an explanation.

I have been writing everyday! So it has slipped my mind to actually hit post. This is why I have also fallen behind on my vlogs…I have had my mind preoccupied. I am excited for the writing project I am working on…even though it will be months before it meets your eyes!

I have been working on two separate books. Big dreams I am aware. But that is what I have been working on. I do not like that it has taken away from my usual schedule so I will do my best to get back on that…but let’s be honest…it is me we are talking about…not having a schedule is my schedule!

That is all for today! Just wanted a little update before usual blogs start up again tomorrow.  Hopefully we will be back on track and not the usual 50 shades of messy.


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