Embrace all the Chapters

Writing a book about your life is a complicated situation to deal with. Everybody in your life wants their character to be perfect and uncomplicated. Which I completely understand. If  I was going to be immortalized forever in black ink…I would want to look pretty good.

Working on this project reminded me of something. We are not perfect characters in a book. We are something so much more. We are the messy complicated characters that everyone finds quirky and lovable in the end. We have plans that go off track, sub plots that take over the main story every once in a while.

While I understand wanting a perfect image…it makes me sad that people are terrified of themselves. Of course, my perception of somebody is not, by any means, the one and only view of angle of someone…but it is one piece. Whether I am right or wrong about someone, my perception affects whether someone is a villain, a hero, or just an extra in my story.

Same goes for people’s perception of me.

“What is the point?”  You are probably wondering…well, it’s that I think we should embrace all the chapters we are in. Good or bad. They are what build a story, how we learn, and what we pass on.

Embrace them. And if you don’t like a chapter…maybe you can turn it around in the next one. But if you keep throwing them away, you won’t be going anywhere.

Just my rambly thoughts for today. I hope everyone has a great day.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Para says:

    Takeaway thought of the day for me: We are messy complicated characters that are quirky and lovable in one way or another. 💜
    Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gramalene says:

    Interesting thoughts. Guess I’ve never analyzed myself. Scary, huh? Have a Happy Day!


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