10 Ways to be a Decent Human Being

Often times in the world these days…everything is a competition. Even how “good” of a person you are can become a race. Meanwhile we often lose the basics, the foundation of just being a decent human being. So, while it’s not really a competition…here’s how you can win:

  1. Smile. I realize resting b*tch face is a thing…but it doesn’t need to be a permanent installment on your face.
  2. Say please and thank you. Yes the most simple of manners, but often the most forgotten. Say thank you when a door is held for you, say please when asking for a favor. Even if it’s not in the exact words, be sure to be grateful and polite.
  3. Use your words. Talk about what is bothering you. Don’t be passive aggressive and talk behind people’s back. Address the problem head on…even if it’s scary.
  4. Tip your server. There is no further explanation. It’s as simple as that.
  5. Listen to your “long story” friends. I don’t care if they don’t get straight to the point…stop and listen. They may have a lot to say which mean they have a lot that needs to be heard.
  6. Live your own life. If others around you don’t share the same lifestyle or beliefs as you…continue living your own life. Unless they are an actual threat to you or themselves…let them be.
  7. Be a good friend, not just a supportive friend. Being supportive is amazing, but being the good friend that steps in before they make a self destructive decision is so important.
  8. Be the bigger person. Stooping to peoples level when they have hurt you doesn’t help it just continues the cycle. Obviously take care of the situation, just do it responsibly and as kindly as possible.
  9. Be patient with children. They are learning and they are growing. Don’t shape them with anger, shape them with patience and guidance. They are the future, don’t create more chaos.
  10. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Be kind to yourself. If you can’t constantly keep up even the basics…that’s okay…you human too. And forgiving and understanding yourself is of utmost importance.

That is all for today guys, I hope you all have a wonderful night!!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Gramalene says:

    Great Comments & also TRUE! Thanks for the reminders!


  2. Rebecca Savchin says:

    Best blog evet! Love the basics. Love your spin on them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kayteable says:

      Thank you! I am so sorry! I didn’t see your comment!


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