How To Succeed at Being Human

Growing up I was always told what to do to be successful at being human. What grades to get, what clothes to wear, what kind of friends to have. While a lot of the advice and direction I was given was valid, there were certain paths I was directed to that didn’t work for me. That lead me to believe that I would not to be able to human as well as others around me.

It turns out, that many people feel this way. In truth, there is not only one way to be, to act, or to think. There is not one way to learn, to feel, or to love. Everyone is unique and that’s what makes us all the same. As I have recently entered my 20’s, I realized the seed of self doubt that is planted when we cannot follow the set plan given to us by either parents, friends, of even an idea made up by ourselves.

The truth is…everybody is struggling to succeed at being human. It is a hard feat to accomplish. Everybody has a seed of doubt…but we get to decide if we want to keep watering it to encourage it to grow…for if we want to pluck it from the depths of our mind to make room for growing encouragement, love, and positivity.

I think in the end, that’s how we succeed, if we continue to grow, love, learn from our pasts and others and reach a place where we can learn to be happy with ourselves. If one message gets across in this blog, I want it to be that every single one of you has already succeeded at being human. You are living, reading this, breathing in the oxygen around you. So let yourself take a moment to appreciate that…and tomorrow we can all try again.

That is all for tonight. Sorry that I have been gone for so long…I’ve been battling with myself on how I want myself to succeed. I think for now I have a pretty good idea, so I will see you Wednesday night. Pray that I keep on my schedule for more than two weeks.


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  1. Arlene says:

    You are pretty perceptive, young lady. Still have spunk! Do you remember one day when your dad came to pick you up from our place, and we were playing a game. You tried to convince him to play with us. His response was. “i have a headache.” Your response was, “Dad, you don’t need to sit on your head!” Pretty sharp for a five year old! You’ve gone through a lot!
    Be who you are, be happy! Try not to be defensive, even though you could be. Just try not to make the mistakes others have made in your life. I love you & trust that all will turn out terrific. Gramalene

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    1. kayteable says:

      Thank you grandmalene! I love you very much! Thank you for reading and supporting my posts!


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