Minimalism: More than just getting rid of “stuff”.

I personally stumbled across minimalism about three years ago and have been slowly working on maintaining and improving my space and mind.

As I started people around me had more and more questions or comments about it. “You still have quite a bit of stuff or on the other side “How do you live with that little of stuff?” “How do you get rid of stuff?” etc. I started to realize that when people discovered minimalism they thought it revolved around the things they own and the quantity of what they own. While of course these are things we take into consideration, I don’t believe that is the main purpose of minimalism.

It’s about getting rid of all the things that don’t bring you joy, usefulness, or fulfillment. That doesn’t just apply to things, but also to toxic relationships, meaningless to-dos, and unhealthy beliefs and thoughts. Minimalism to me is a way to clear the way to be the best, the truest, and the happiest you…you can be.

Everyone with have their own boundaries. Some will be happy with thirty things and others three hundred things. Some are happy with lots todos and others want a short list. So when you think of minimalism don’t think how…think why you want to minimalize and the how and what will follow.

However, useful tips and a foundation of understanding can help so if you would like a blog with my tips and tricks leave a like and comment below and I can post that on Wednesday. But for now…I have some friends to meet! Talk to you later!



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