It’s a Monday kids.

Monday. They are the bane of many’s existence. I would like to say I don’t feel the same…however, the truth is…is that it’s how it is sometimes. I try to use it as my reset day where I reevaluate my goals and what I want to accomplish during the week ahead. That new mindset of using Monday as a reset day has helped me get to my goals a lot quicker than if I just let the next week wash over me with no structure.

This week I made it a goal to bike to and from work everyday this week. That’s about 12 miles a day and 60 miles this week. While that may seem unimpressive to those who bike regularly…it is quite the en devour for me. I struggle with cardio based exercises and want to improve that for myself.

I encourage you to pick a day of the week and set it as your “reset” day. Take a moment to roughly sketch out your week and pick a goal. It can be ambitious or simple. It doesn’t matter…but having a purpose for the week is very satisfying and gets you out of bed in the mornings.

I am interested in what your day and your goals for the week are! Drop a comment and I would love to get back to you! That was the little thought I had for today. Hope you all have a good night!



  1. Feeling like you’re PROGRESSING in life whether spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, or in terms of community or world service…is really key. You can only ATRAIN your goals in brief fleeting moments of success… But you can be progressing continuously. Usually we are progressing, even if we think we slipped backward for a little while to learn the “what not to do” lesson more fully. Lol. Loved your blog!

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