De-cluttering Your Todo List| Minimalism Mondays


Relax. Your to do list is important, but you having a clear mind to do it properly is probably more important.

In the busy world of today, priorities get muddied by the expectation that everything on your checklist is of upmost importance. However, that is rarely the case.

As a person who practices minimalism, I have found that de-cluttering your mind is just…if not more important than de-cluttering your material items.

I used to think…and still sometimes fall into my own trap…that if I wasn’t completing everything perfectly, completely, and seamlessly 24/7, that I am failing. When…in reality, that is an unhealthy and unrealistic way of looking at life.

Pick Up Limes  gets all the credit to helping me find a way out of the endless loop I was running on forever.  Here is the video that helped me! I thought today, on Minimalist Monday, I would give a shout-out to an awesome YouTuber.

That is all from me today folks. I will see you on Wellness Wednesday!



  1. Great video…my to do lists stretch to the sky and not getting them done freaks me out. Sp absorbing this info will be really meaningful to me. Thanks!


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