New Habits Are Hard|Journal Entry #2

Okey-dokey…you know what is difficult? Starting a new habit. It’s easy to think of a new habit or goal that you would like to accomplish and write it down on paper…but rarely do people talk about how hard it is mentally…to consistently maintain a new habit.

In no way is it impossible, but it is very dificil.

Like for example…I really want to start sleeping at a normal our…like at least by 11 pm. Well it is officially 1:30 am in the morning…so your girl is killing it.

Another one…is working out four times a week. I am hoping that by mentioning this…I feel bad enough about it…that I actually get my butt up in the morning and do it. That being said…

Keep your chin up guys. It’s hard to start but it will be worth it when you get there. May take a few failed attempts but one day it will stick…and I let you know when some of mine do :).


Author: kayteable

Just a diabetic vegan trying to survive.

One thought on “New Habits Are Hard|Journal Entry #2”

  1. My partner gets super sleepy around the same time every single night. His bedtime only varies by a couple hours at most. I have learned to force myself to go to bed when he does almost every night.
    Prior to him, I always had irregular sleep patterns and would go to bed anytime I felt like and wake up anytime I felt like it. I had a very zig zag schedule.
    So, after 2 years being with him, I can officially report having a regular sleep schedule. But the secret seems to be forcing myself to turn off all the lights and my phone and go lay down even at times when it seems silly because I still have energy or am working on a project.
    I toss and turn a little, whine to myself about having to sleep when I’d rather play, have thoughts that I will never be able to sleep… And shortly…poof…I am asleep. (Sometimes I still wake up and go read or send a late night text…but it’s not usually long before I am back in bed sleeping soundly).
    Best wishes to you for a good night’s sleep through whatever methods work best for you.


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