Leg Day |Minimal Equipment (30 min+ Warm-up)

Warm up: 10 minutes treadmill–7-9 incline–3.5-4 speed

3 Circuits- (5) 1 min exercises- 20 sec rests –1 minute rest between circuits

Circuit 1:

  1. step-ups (use a bench or a chair)
  2. squats/ (round two: sumo squats)
  3. tire flips
  4. jump rope
  5. lunges/ (round two: reverse lunges)

Circuit 2:

  1. leg lifts (crunch)
  2. bridges
  3. plank
  4. donkey kick with arm raise (alternating)

Circuit 3:

  1. side lunges
  2. standing side crunch (left)
  3. standing side crunch (right)
  4. high knees
  5. calf raises


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