What even is adulting?

Hello everyone welcome back to the blog that is either full of useful tips or a ton of chaotic energy. Today…is full of …both?

I have recently moved into my own apartment…and for the first time…aside from van living…am living completely alone. No roomates, no parents, no significant others…just me. And it’s making me realize way too many things about myself and adulting by oneself.

  1. The quiet…the absence of sound…is disturbing to me…so I always have music, videos, audio books, playing in the back round. My neighbor is getting a lot of useful information and good songs if she listens close enough.
  2. I have really jacked up priorities. Should I maybe unpack? Sure but I am noticing this clock I bought is really interesting and I should play with it for 2 hours. Or maybe I should clean all my paint brushes right now.
  3. You have to buy salt and pepper? That has always just…been there. Lmao.
  4. I like doing chores? Don’t get me wrong…eew. But there is a difference between doing dished when its obligatory vs when you just want your space to be tidy. It’s relaxing when the expectation is gone.
  5. I eat like a five year old. When no one is around to mildly impress with my cooking abilities, I wander around with a jar of peanut butter and call it a day.
  6. I sing like no one is listening. I always liked humming to myself…but nothing is stopping me from screaming Adele in the shower…except the pending noise complaint.
  7. Vacuums are really expensive. Like I knew that…but…NOW I know that, you know?
  8. I make a lot more of the mess than I realized. It’s easy when you are living with others to assume someone else did it. But now…its me…and there is no pretending anymore.
  9. I like being home. Before it’s like…well I need my own space so I will go out. Now…it’s I’m by myself…I like this. Also when you are paying the full rent…you want to USE your house, you know?
  10. No one know what they are doing. Yes, of course there are people who are more put together…but in the end…everyone is trying to figure something out…and it is very satisfying to learn something you didn’t know yesterday.

That is all for todayย  guys. Let me know what you learned as an adult…or as a kid…or as an infant. I am not age-ist here. I will see you all Friday!




  1. Hi Kayte, You tell me what it means to be “adultish” when you find out. Seems like it takes a lifetime of trial & error to decide what works best for YOU! for instance, Early on in my marriage I had the kids clean their rooms & chores on Saturday, because they had more time then. I also did my main cleaning then, too. But I soon leaned that over the weekend it was all undone, sooo, I decide to wait until Monday to do MY main cleaning & guess what? The house stayed clean & only needed daily pickups. So if something works or doesn’t it’s OK to try something new. Happy for you that you have an apartment. Should be fun! Good Luck!
    Love you,

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  2. I loved this article…very entertsining to hear your inner dialogue and choices. I especially liked the “playing with the clock for 2 hrs” bit and the wandering around with a jar of penut butter. You had me laughing AND learning the whole way through. ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜


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