Success-but not by numbers.

As you know…since you are reading this…I write a blog.

Often I get the question “Oh! How many followers do you have?” I think I am around 100 now and I am very proud of that number, mind you. But I often get the response…”ah, so your not like popular,” or “oh so are you just starting out?!”

I would like to clarify that I am not offended by this response as it is…in the way we think about things…a valid response. We measure pretty much EVERYTHING in numbers…and we base whether we are successful…based on those numbers.

Blog is successful if I have 1,000,000+ followers.

Health journey is successful the lower the number on the scale.

Your day is successful based on how many things you got done that day.

I personally think the numbers are a great way to…track progress…maybe use them as a guide…but not as a rule book.

My blog is successful…because it makes me happy to get on here and share…and occasionally I get a nice comment about how what I wrote one day was helpful to another human being.

A health journey is successful if YOU START TO FEEL BETTER.

Your day was successful…if you just stop and realized you are alive. Yes, checking off that to do list is good…but also…just surviving a day here and there counts as success too.

My point? I think we need to start measuring our success by what matters…and maybe guiding that success with the numbers. Priorities people!

That is all my thoughts for today…I hope you all have a successful day. I will see you all Wednesday.

Let me know what is a goal you have…I want to know what you all are up to!



  1. Exactly I listen to many podcast and books and if you have 10 followers and help them or able to interact with them is a huge success vs thousands and the browse and occasionally like things .. always keep that personal touch , keep going !


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