Is it okay to have a bad day, week, month, etc?

Hello everyone! I haven’t just sat down to tell a story in…well, since I lived in Portland.

I personally have found my life a little dark and boring since I left, but…I feel like those kind of days are important to share as well.

I used to adventure everyday, have way to much to say, had a head full of dreads, and a huge bubble of inspiration that filled in all the dark and scary places I think we all have in our minds.

Now, I have a hard time picking up pencils to draw or having a lick of motivation to keep up on my health longer than two seconds. I just want to sleep all the time and get sucked into the never-ending world of YouTube.

I recently moved into my own house…and that is helping me create…my own little world. I see my attitude towards life improve a little bit each day. I am working very hard to be my own “Portland Bubble”.

Because in reality? Portland is great and genuinely one of my favorite places in the world…but it’s not perfect…and a lot of the reason it was so great was my own perception of it.

Now…Southern Idaho is by no means “my happy place” but I can make it a “happier place”. So until I lift off the ground again…I am working. That’s what I am up to.

I am trying to be more consistent in blogging because it makes that tiny bubble of hope flutter back in my chest that I am doing something I love.  I am working on setting up a exercise and yoga routine that is simple…so even on the days I am feeling wonky…it’s not as hard to get the body moving.

I am walking to work…forcing myself to get some fresh air into this body, Trying to drink  more water…and more importantly…sharing that it’s a rough patch…and that’s okay. But we are gonna keep on working on getting out.

That’s all for today, I hope you are all having a good day…but it’s also okay if you are not. We shall try again tomorrow.


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