“What is an ideal partner?”

In my own experience, I have been asked “who is your ideal partner” or “who would be a perfect person for you to date”…oddly…quite a bit. I have always prided myself on not having a long, complicated list…since I personally only have three things on my list. Which I hold not only to someone I would like to date…but someone I would want to be.

  1. Be a compassionate and kind person.
  2. Be able to have honest and open communication.
  3. To be able to make each other laugh.

As I was discussing this with a friend recently…I realized…that my list could be…much more complicated…if I decided to expand on my personal definitions what is compassionate and kind…or what is open and honest communication. So I thought…what a better blog idea than exposing how secretly complicated I am.

First I would like to make something clear: whenever I voice my “List” to others, they always go: what about looks. You want to be attracted to them right?

Correct. Of course…being attracted to someone is important for chemistry purposes. However, if you fall too far outside the three things on the list…I will probably…not be attracted to you. Abs are cool, but if your personality is crappy I would rather not.

Now that’s out of the way:

“What Makes an Ideal Partner?”

  1. Be a compassionate and kind person. I want someone who can make eye contact with the people holding signs on street corners. Who, even if they have an unkind thought or judgment (like everyone does), they work on trying to see something from the other person’s perspective. Someone who is not quick to belittle a server if they mess up and happy to hold a door for a stranger. Someone who is mindful of the world and lives around them…and looks for even the tiniest ways to
  2. Be able to have honest and open communication. I want to be able to talk about the good and the bad. Whether it’s positive or negative towards me, I want to be able to have open and honest communication with whoever I am with. Don’t take this as an invitation to be cruel. But do take it as an invitation to talk about how I can grow, you can grow, have we can work together toward a situation. If there is a problem, let’s face it together not fight each other. I want you to have friends, a life and hobbies of your own. I don’t have to be included in everything…but it’s nice to be able to talk about anything.
  3. We make each other laugh. Laughing for me has always been my medicine. I am able to get back up after I fall, because I can laugh at myself because I slipped. I want to be able to heal together through laughter. While there are times to be serious and have “grown up conversations”…I wan’t something that makes us feel like we don’t have to grow up, that we can still giggle like idiots until our stomachs hurt. That simple chores can be fun if we do them together.

That’s it. That’s all I got for today. Let me know down below what your ideal partner is. I am genuinely curious! See you all Monday!