I am in a state of constant, stable chaos. I have a lot on my mind constantly and it feels a lot like emotional whip lash.

In that state…it’s hard to feel like you are getting your life together…but I am slowly. I am on the job hunt, I am eating well, and I am enlisting people to workout with…so…in a way I am doing good. In others…it’s well…as implied: chaos.

I struggle with finding a purpose and a direction when there is a part of me that know’s that the world seems to be crumbling. Do I still work on personal growth? Do I give up? what do I do? In the end I find my whirling thoughts stupid…as it’s always okay to work on self growth…even if you may not be able to get very far.

So I am trying to recenter, breathe…and keep on keeping on.

I never want my blog to seem like I have my life perfectly together…but rather trying to make all the messy pieces fit together into a functional and healthy lifestyle. So that’s today’s update.

I am headed in the right direction…chaotically.

See you all around. This has been a #kayteableproject update. See you all tomorrow with a list of my top ten favorite kinds of people.


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  1. My favorite reference is:
    Would you do ___it if you knew you would live forever? And… Would you do___it if you knew you would die tomorrow?
    If you would do the thing in BOTH cases…you have a truly authentic choice.
    I do think the Spirit connected to our creator is eternal and so all growth of love/character/connection goes with us. Everything else is left behind. Working out COULD seem a meaningless body activity but it develops self-discipline and mental strength and capacity for joy…so it has a deeper value than looks or agility.
    You’re doing awesome! Go Kayteable! Go Kayteable! Whoohoo!

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