Habits. We all have them.

The theme of this week seems to be all about becoming self aware. Which, honestly is always a good place to start. If you don’t know where we are at, there is no way to judge what we have to do to get where we want to be. There is also no way to tell how far we have come.

Today’s target is being aware of what habits we have. We all know about the good habits. The extremely bad habits. But what about the ones we all seem to be unaware of? The handfuls of chips we snag every time we walk through the kitchen. The amount of time we spend on our phones. (Which I dove into in my last blog: The Tea: What I Spend My Time On) Or even the good habits, like taking time to play with your animals when you get home from work or texting your friends about how their day is.

We all register that going to the gym or smoking are habits. They are clear and seems to have the clear definition. But the danger in wasted time or unaccomplished goals lies in the little habits that take up our day and make us who we are.

We forget to count our habits that are not prominent because I think we fear what we are really doing daily. being aware of every time you eat a spoon full of peanut butter at 2am or every time you check on your crush’s Facebook page can be…intimidating…or more likely embarrassing.

But we can’t change for the better if we don’t know where we are at. So I challenge you to write down what little habits consume your day to day life. Let me know one positive and one negative habit you have at the moment. While you are at it…let me know what positive habit you want to replace that negative habit eventually.

I believe that is all I have for you at the moment. It’s a simple thought, but in my personal opinion, a good one. 🙂



Author: kayteable

Just a diabetic vegan trying to survive.

One thought on “Habits. We all have them.”

  1. One positive habit I have is: my whole life.
    One negative habit I have is: my husband… who, if I’m not very wise and careful, swallows my whole life. (That’s why we are 1k miles apart right now).
    Just ONE toxic habit can wreck your world when it’s extreme or consistent.

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