“Fear is making you see success as deadly threat.”

“Acknowledge that your mind and body is trying to protect you from the unknown…but your spirit knows the unknown holds many great and wonderful things for you. Try it sometime. “

“Fear is a feeling induced by perceived danger of threat that occurs in certain types of organisms, which causes a change in metabolic and organ functions, and ultimately a change in behavior. Such as: fleeing, hiding, or freezing from perceived traumatic events.” -Good Ol’ Wikipedia 

Why, then, do I feel fear when I stare at my list of goals, hopes, and dreams for the future? Why do I get that heavy, pitiful feeling when I think of what my life will be when I put my head down and succeed?

Listen, I am not a scientist or a psychologist. I literally just used Wikipedia as a source, so don’t come after me if I’m wrong, BUT, I have a theory that has been glued together by both personal experience and some light reading. Humans are afraid of change. I am afraid of change.

Not a new concept, but no one really ever told me why…or how to get over it. It goes back to survival instinct. What we know…might not be the best or healthiest…but it’s the “safest”. All because there is no “unknown”. There is no “perceived danger” only the known dangers.

Changing ourselves, our environment, our beliefs, our habits, etc…leaves so much room for new found happiness, a healthier body, a healthier mind, and…a lot of room for the unfamiliar.

If you grew up with bad habits, toxic people, or just…a “blah” situation…you wouldn’t know the social boundaries, the good side effects, and excitement that changing those things could bring. So why change? It’s safe in the scary, the old habits, and dark place you live in.

This post is mostly for me…as a reminder that I slip into this thought process often…but also for people that might not be aware of this subconscious survival trait we have or just need a reminder.

The unknown is scary…but it can be so much better than what we have going on now. We are all powerful creatures on this beautiful planet…and often we don’t use that power wisely. We all have great potential. There is no one definition to what great potential is.

It can be you get that raise at the coffee shop you work at or you change the world. Either way…whatever you choose and want your potential to be…acknowledge that your mind and body is trying to protect you from the unknown…but your spirit knows the unknown holds many great and wonderful things for you. Try it sometime.


-Kayte (A girl that’s trying her hardest to find her greatest potential too.)


Author: kayteable

Just a diabetic vegan trying to survive.

One thought on ““Fear is making you see success as deadly threat.””

  1. I too, m wandering into the unknown. I now do EFT every morning if I’ve caught the first whiff of anxiety, depression, fear, or the blahs…it helps…alot. I’ve moved out of much of the old into the new but there’s room for so much more. Thank you for your reminders.
    (Fermented food helps me too). 😁

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