5 Daily Habits to Improve Mood/Health.

“Free and/or affordable additions to your daily life…that combined…don’t take more than 10 minutes.”

“Over the long run, we can often make greater changes than we think we can. But over the short term, the changes are small, and not very orderly either. Change is messy. So just expect things to go less than ideally. Don’t be too attached to how you expect things to go, so that when your expectations aren’t met, you can just take it in stride.”

-Zen Habits

Last blog I discussed how we all have great potential and that’s true! However, knowing where to get started can be stressful and difficult to figure out. I am not here to tell you what life goals you should or shouldn’t have. However, everyone performs better if they are happier and healthier. So here are:

5 Habits to Improve Mood/Health

  1. Drink water. I know. Eeew. We all know, get out of here. But seriously, you are like 60% water so help yourself out…and drink water. It’s baisc survival skills we all struggle with. (If you need help figuring out how much to drink for optimal health: a link for you.)
  2. Take D3. You can take additional supplements and TAKE B12 IF YOU ARE VEGAN… but, for all my seasonal depression people out there…D3 is that useful source of happiness we get from the sun. It won’t cure anything…but it can help. (It helps me out 🙂 )
  3. 5 Deep Breathes. Breathing? I know another basic human survival skill we don’t do well. I suggest (especially people who struggle with meditation) to first thing thing in the morning and right before bed…take minimum…5 slow, deep breaths. Calm your nerves, get oxygen into your brain, and then get going.
  4. 1 Gratitude. Write it on paper. Or type it into your phone…but everyday in the morning or at night…think about ONE thing that brought you joy today.
  5. Add 1 fresh food. Whether you throw an onion in your ramen or eat a apple for a snack…add one fresh item into your daily routine. Ideally we are eating lots of fresh food everyday…but whether it be budget or old habits…we often don’t. So just add one. Don’t take anything out…just add. To get started.

I will personally take my own advice and be working on drinking more water. What about you guys? Any to add? Any you are like: get this off your website? Lmao. I hope you all have a wonderful and happy Wednesday…or whatever day it is.


Author: kayteable

Just a diabetic vegan trying to survive.

One thought on “5 Daily Habits to Improve Mood/Health.”

  1. I’m beginning to try a plant based keto/intermittent fasting (14- 16hours of no food) 2 meals a day…breakfast and lunch. Mostly veggies, veggie protein, and a somewhat small amount of fruit. (Occasionally rice and beans but reducing all grains overall.) If I don’t like it or the results I won’t stick with it but I’m trying to recharge my adrenals and pancreas.
    I loved your ideas…I am adding those into my program.

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