The Disease Unseen

“The disease unseen, both mental and physical, is a prison. 

Constructed of misconceptions, lack of knowledge, and an easy paycheck to those who hold simple solutions. 

With the appearance of health, people become deaf to the decaying  bones, the knots that twist your stomach, or the lungs that catch in your chest. “But you don’t look sick” is heard too often and a genuine answer to “how are you feeling?” is flinched at.

They become blind to the endless thoughts racing behind your bright eyes, the ragged shards left unhealed from your broken heart, or cries for help zipped neatly behind your smile. “Get over it” or “sometimes life is sad” is a response to a crippling chemical imbalance or life time of trauma. 

People forget about the pricks against your flesh, the medicine coursing through your veins, and the . Maybe because it’s easy to do so when the “ugly” is carefully wrapped in a pretty packaging or perhaps its because it’s too uncomfortable to talk about what is broken.”


Hello, this was in my phone notes and I thought I would share. While I am one to share how, even with mental or physical ailments, we can self improve or have a chance at a happy life…and I stand by that.

But we don’t often talk about the struggle of dealing with conditions that others can’t tangibly see. I deal with both physical and mental medical issues…and sometimes it’s rough. I just wanted to share that that’s valid and I hear you. Let’s talk about it and work on feeling better together.

That is all for Wednesday wellness.



Author: kayteable

Just a diabetic vegan trying to survive.

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