About Me

Moments are created every day, every hour, every minute. They pile on top of each other until you can no longer pick apart the individual components that have molded themselves into the form of your life. But some moments fit perfectly. They decided where the other delicate pages would be roughly glued to the spine. Many happened outside of your control, your author crafting careful words for you to recite.

kayteableblogs was created to inspire you to take the pen and start a new chapter. It was made in hopes to give some insight to the joy of healthy living in a more relatable rather than discouraging way. It’s about creating and sharing your highest potential with others around you. This is not a bible. You are not expected to live religiously to the words on your screen.

It’s about sharing life experiences, and hoping everyone can benefit from at least a sentence of this public journal. Take what you need and give what you can. This is a community where YOUR story matters. That’s what created this project. A story…. just one that happened to be my life.

About the Author

I grew up in a small town, with small thoughts. Not to imply this was bad. In fact, it was safe and comfortable to know what you knew and not know what you didn’t. It came to a point one day that I became aware of what I didn’t know and since then I have had a wide range of experiences in the brief time I have spent on this earth.

I have spent time amongst Christian families as well as conversed with monks. Slept with warm blankets and a comfy bed, as well as spent frigid nights in the back seat of a car. I have spent my life fighting a disease that likes to take the wheel on occasion, while also being blessed with waking up in good health. I have struggled with weight and mental health as well as learning how to build self-positivity. That is my inspiration…my life.

I am just like you. I am a poor college student who is just trying to survive the art of adulting. I spend my time laughing and crying with my room mates and I am still scared of tax season. When I have a rough day, I throw health out the window and cry over Oreos while watching tacky sitcoms. I don’t have all the answers…or even most of them…and I most definitely have a lot to learn.

So here I am, through your phone or computer, hoping that the black words on your screen can come to life and help or just make you laugh.